What Parents Say

Goodyear, AZ

Julie & Lee Harding

We would like to share my experience with our daughter’s therapy delivered by Occupational Therapist, Susan Gregg, Founder and Lead Therapist at SMART Pediatric Therapy.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Inattentive ADHD, at age 4. She started receiving therapy from Susan Gregg, of SMART Pediatric Therapy, in the school system at age 8, and currently she is 10 years old and is now receiving therapy in a clinic setting. We noticed right away the difference in our daughter after Susan started working with her. After each treatment, her mood changed into a more relaxed and calm child. She can now tell us how different she feels. Her ability to focus improved as well. Additionally, she doesn’t have a lot of upper body strength and coordination, but now that has improved as well.

SMART Pediatric Therapy uses a different approach in helping children. For example, instead of working only on the correct pencil grip, different exercises are used to help calm and alert the body. Also, these exercises can be done at home too to help teach our child learn what she can do when she is overstimulated. The exercises are so effective and the results are immediate. Susan Gregg has researched and studied different ways to help with Sensory Processing Disorder. Our daughter receives a treatment program specially tailored to her specific needs. As a result, an irritated, moody, frustrated child becomes a calm, relaxed, happy child. SMART Pediatric Therapy is truly amazing!

Also, our daughter doesn’t argue with us about going to her therapy sessions at SMART Pediatric Therapy. In fact, she looks forward to her appointments and she knows the benefits! We highly recommend SMART Pediatric Therapy. Their intervention and effectiveness is truly remarkable.

Goodyear, AZ

Kari Rambo., CCC-SLP

Susan Gregg, founder of SMART Pediatric Therapy, is one of the most outstanding occupational therapists with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. Susan’s treatment is founded in the principals of sensory integration and regulation, which is the basis for learning. I have found that as a speech pathologist, my clients are so much more prepared for cognitive and language learning, social interaction and speech motor functioning with Susan’s therapy to provide optimal neurological foundation for acquisition of these skills.

Susan utilizes a wide variety of methods, activities, equipment, and programs in her treatment, more comprehensive than any occupational therapist I have worked with over the last 20+ plus years. Moreover, Susan is a very caring therapist who offers individualized programs, recommendations and information to parents with much attention to family centered needs. I highly recommend Susan to all my families whose children need sensory regulation therapy.

Buckeye, AZ

Jennifer Tyche

I have had the pleasure of knowing Susan Gregg, founder of SMART Pediatric Therapy, since the fall of 2011. During that time she was the occupational therapist for my five-year old daughter Charlotte.

Mrs. Gregg did a wonderful job assessing what Charlotte’s true struggles were and how to help her. This is something we were not able to receive elsewhere. She was able to guide us with book recommendations, Listening program, and therapies to apply at home. We have seen a tremendous improvement in our daughter over the past year.

At the beginning of the school year Charlotte struggled in many areas including her social skills, language usage, and noise reactions. Her core strength and ability to focus were severely lacking. By the end of the year her teacher was amazed at the change in our daughter. She can articulate and assert herself very well. She is overly interactive with her peers, and her ability for focus and follow directions has greatly improved. We are extremely grateful that our daughter had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Gregg.