Hi' I am Annie

Hi I’m Annie! Ever since I can remember, I have always felt great joy knowing that I have impacted someone’s life at a level that brings them inner peace and hope. That is my goal as I work with these adorable kids and their wonderful families. I always strive to use my innate empathy to help these kids and families feel seen, heard and valued as I put the FUN in functional during our sessions, in order to help them make progress with their goals.


Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Personal Interests

When I am not at work, I love playing/cuddling with my dog, hiking with friends, going to concerts, watching movies/exploring new restaurants with my husband, reading, camping, meditating and traveling.

What I Believe (quote that best describes me)

Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them” – Kalen Dion

What I Like Most About My Job

Working with the team helps me grow and thrive in a way where I am able to feel valid in my creative decisions, thanks to their supportive energy that we share within the clinic.

What Patients Like Most About Me and My Organization

I think what patients like most about myself and SMART is keeping the child’s best interest at heart. I always love incorporating each child’s interest within their sessions, in order to help further increase their inner drive, thus helping improve their overall sensory integration!