Hi' I am Mandy

I am an Arizona native. I am married to a wonderful man. We have 3 amazing daughters and a dog that thinks she is a human.


Speech Language Pathology Assistant

What is the essence of what you do?

The therapy I provide, helps children in expressing their wants, needs, and emotions, assists them in accessing educational materials, and interact with the world around them in a rich and meaningful way.

Personal Interests

I love to read. I do all kinds of crafting. I like to travel and write fiction.

What I Believe (quote that best describes me)

“I am both the creator and tamer of chaos and joy.”

What I Like Most About My Job

The progress my clients make and how it affects their lives.

What Patients Like Most About Me and My Organization

My clients like the variety of activities that I do and that we have fun. I love that the organization has designed therapy spaces with children’s needs in mind.