Rocio Rosales-Terrazas

Rocio Rosales-Terrazas

What is the essence of what you do?

I am dedicated to helping children with an array of speech, language, communication, orofacial myology, swallowing, and feeding issues reach their maximum potential while supporting the families who love them.

Your personal interests:

I am passionate about working with babies displaying feeding difficulties and their families to promote and educate on cue-based feeding, feeding strategies/interventions that support neuroprotection, and the importance of early recognition in eliminating and retraining poor functioning oral habits as they relate to feeding, swallowing, and articulation.

What do you believe? (A quote that describes you):

Feeding and communication are essential to enjoying life.

What do you like most about working with patients (or reception/greeting patients and families)?

I enjoy creating a trusting and caring bond with my patients and their families. I believe that establishing rapport and relationships with parents/caregivers, will ensure patient success in their natural environment.

Why did you choose to become an occupational therapy assistant?

I became a speech-language pathologist to provide hope, inspiration, and motivation to my patients, so they can live their best life.

What do patients like most about you?

I believe my patients like that I am relatable, humble, professional, and caring.