Autumn Cox

Autumn Cox

What is the essence of what you do?

As the receptionist, the paramount part of my job is that I get to greet all the sweet little faces that come into our office. I have the opportunity to get to know parents and work with them to provide needed information on how to make therapy work for their child, on a financial scale, and also by scheduling around their busy schedules.

Your Personal Interests?

I spend most of my time as a spectator, which I thoroughly enjoy. My daughters are both involved in volleyball, which is pretty much year round between school and club seasons. I also enjoy spending time watching my son in his various sporting activities. If I am not on a court somewhere you will find me at the movie theater with my hubby or enjoying time with extended family. In those moments where I can sneak an hour or two by myself you will find me crafting or getting a much needed pedicure.

What do you believe (quote that describes you):

By small and simple things, great things will come to pass.

What do you like most about your job?

Since I have been here, I have seen the love and dedication that all the therapists and parents put forth to better a child’s future. I enjoy getting to know the families and all of their fun, sweet, and spunky personalities. I also love that I am working with therapists who are passionately dedicated to their profession. There is true love and compassion behind what they do. This makes my job easy because people want to be here. I also love to check things off my list as accomplished. I get to do this many times a day as I follow up with different office-related issues.

What do patients like most about you? And your organization?

Hopefully, patients find that I am upbeat and happy to great them. I truly enjoy getting to know the families that choose SMART Pediatric Therapy. I also like to stay on top of things and not let anything fall to the way side. So, hopefully our patients see this by not having any troubles with their insurance or scheduling issues. This organization is full of thoughtful caring and planning. Needs are tended to with the utmost respect and professionalism and I believe this reflects in our patients and employees.